Is there any limitation for the number of custom columns that can be added on chg table? Will it cause any problems in ServiceDesk?


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This document explains the limitations of the chg table.

ServiceDesk change order table can accommodate significant number of new columns. However, there is a limit to the number of columns that can be added to the chg table. This limitation is caused by the SPEL code within ServiceDesk. If the columns increase beyond the threshold, there will be negative impact on ServiceDesk performance.

Example: The change order templates cannot be copied and the following error message is displayed in the stdlog file

"xx/xx 20:01:44.28 xxxxxxx web:local 2864 ERROR freeaccess.spl 11872copy_chg () failed: error in make_from_template
xx/xx 20:02:04.81 xxxxxxx spelsrvr 3896 ERROR pcexec.c 6046 Spell interp failed at chg.spl:2303:chg::make_from_template: ilimit exceeded

In the example stated above, the chg table has more than 300 new columns.


The suggested solution is to create a new table with the additional columns. The chg table should be modified using web screen painter to reference the fields in the new table.


Component: ARGIS