Compiling a CA Ideal program gives error IDADERRP23E - INTERR: Internal LIB error SRVC=VLS FUNC=SCAN RC=008 PGM=SCPSMAIN14.0 LIB=ADROUT


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We are seeing the following message in the Ideal log file (ADRLOG)

1- - INTERR: Internal LIB error                                 
SRVC=VLS FUNC=SCAN      RC=008    PGM=SCPSMAIN14.0                    

I ran a DIS LIB STATUS and found that the output library, ADROUT, was no more than 10% full. How do I resolve this problem?


z/OS, z/VSE


A FUNC=SCAN with RC=8 indicates the ADROUT directory is full. The directory can fill up even though the output file, ADROUT, is not full. This is especially true when the output file contains a large number of very small jobs and/or LIST statements. Issue the command DIS OUT ALL STATUS and delete any old members that are not needed in order to resolve this issue.

Additional Information:

For a list of all return codes, please see the CA IPC Message Reference Guide under the chapter titled Return Codes. 



Release: ESBIDL99000-2.2-Extended Support Basic-for CA Ideal


“b) According to the IPC Msgs and codes pg 458 SCAN RC=08 means
"String not found". So either there is another SCAN RC=08 that I didn't find or this explanation must have two different meanings of or "string not found" is wrong.”
“a) The error message in the manual states:
IDADERRP23 - INTERR: Internal LIB error
An unexpected condition was encountered on a VLS library.
Report this error to CA Technical Support.
It needs to refer the user on how to get more info.”