What is the meaning of the fields after issuing a /F SARXMS,LIST STATUS,ALL?


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The /F SARXMS,LIST STATUS,ALL command (Where SARXMS is the name of the XMS region) can be issued to get a current status of the running XMS region.

The meaning of each of the items returned when the command is issued are as follows:

  USERNAME     is set to *XMS* for this message. 
  MAX          is the maximum number of XMS users allowed in all the of XMS regions (from EBCXMCTR). 
  CUR          is the current number of XMS users that are are logged onto all of the XMS regions. 
  HI           is the high water mark of XMS users logged onto all of the XMS regions. 
  STATUS       is the status of the XMS environment. 
  FLAG         is a hex display of the flag bytes for the XMS environment. 
  LONGWT       is a hex display of additional flags for the XMS environment. 
  VERSION      is the name of the XMS control block used for XMS logons. 


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