Maximum Password Length.


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What is the maximum password length?


The longer passwords (greater than 8 characters) are in the form of password phrases.

z/OS 1.8 and above provides support for pass phrases - passwords that are up to 100 characters in length and may contain blanks. Users may have both a password and a pass phrase. If there are both a password and a pass phrase supplied, the pass phrase will take precedence. This means if there is a single signon attempt that specifies both a password and a pass phrase, only the pass phrase will be checked. The pass phrase can only be used if the application (CICS, TSO, ROSCOE, etc) supports password phrases.

If there is an application that supports this new pass phrase field, CA Top Secret will support the field as long as you have the CA Top Secret compatibility maintenance applied for the release of z/OS that is running. Also, please contact CA Technical Support to see if there are any CA Top Secret fixes for password phrases.

Please refer to chapter 6 'Passwords' of the CA Top Secret User Guide for more details about passwords.


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