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Can a query that is currently run through the PDA Query Facility be saved and executed in Batch?


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Currently, Query Facility is being used to identify all tables that have increased number of rows over a period of time of over 10%.

This is done by selecting option "9) Query Facility" from the PDA main menu, then option "1) Tablespace / Table Queries" and then by selecting option 5 TABLE ROW ANALYSIS.

This can only process tables under 1 database at a time so we'll need to run this process several times to cover all tables within a subsystem.

Can the query be saved and run in batch?


YES - To save and run the report in batch you would have to create a Report Procedure (PDA main menu option 8).

You would input the same report criteria as you did when you used the online Query Facility (opt 9).

For example, on the Build Report Procedures panel you would set the Report Type to T (Trend) and hit enter.

  • Locate the desired report on the left (RAQTB1 = report #5 Table Row Analysis).

  • If EQFs have been defined/created for the desired report than locate the appropriate EQF name in the EQF NAME column.
    If no user EQFs were created then the only one available will be the CA supplied named "STANDARD".
    In either case, you would select the appropriate EQF NAME by placing a 's' under the 'W' column for a Weekly report.
    Fill in the rest of fields as required like you did in Query Facility.

  • Save the report procedure.

The Report procedure can now be submitted for online or batch execution as a stand-alone procedure or as part of an Execution procedure. The Report procedure can also be referenced as the report associated with a PR utility code defined in an action procedure.

Please Note, a report procedure will include all objects in a DB2 subsystem (that have PDA stats of course) alternatively a "PR" utility code will only include the objects specified in the Extract Procedure.

Also note that there is additional information on Report Procedures and Query facility in the PDA User Guide and Reference Guide.


Component: DBA