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Missing Database Analyzer (PDA) Action Condition Member RAAACTB2 and RAAACTB3 (high-level.SRCLIB) under Release r12 SP0.


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Successfully upgraded to new R12 SP0 Version of CA Database Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS and the pre-defined user-supplied conditions Member's RAAACTB2 and RAAACTB3 from the high-level.SRCLIB product library are missing, if not copying over the old Libraries from previous installed version within the Post Install Process.


Since Release R12 SP0 the Member's RAAACTB2 and RAAACTB3 are removed from the high-level.SRCLIB, because of the new #INCLUDE statement.

For more Information, please see CA Database Management Solutions r12.0 for DB2 for z/OS, Release Notes, Chapter1 on Page 21: #INCLUDE Custom SQL Enhancement or Check Online using options C;3;5 from the PDA main menu.

A new #INCLUDE statement is now provided with CA Database Analyzer that lets you extend the predicates of existing action conditions and create customized conditions without modifying Assembler source and building the RAAACTB2 or RAAACTB3 load modules. The latter functionality is being depreciated and is replaced by the #INCLUDEs.

The SQL statements (extended predicates and complete user customized conditions) are created in model members in the model libraries.

Note: The customized member can be put into any of the model libraries in your high-level.PARMLIB(DSNAMEx).

Once created, you must specify a #INCLUDE statement in the Condition field on the Extract or Action Conditions panel, followed by the member name in which the custom SQL was created. CA Database Analyzer reads the contents of the model library member used on the #INCLUDE statement during the condition evaluation and appends the user SQL to the end of the existing condition (extending the predicate) or executes the complete custom user SQL statement (customizable SQL condition). In either case, the custom SQL is used in CA Database Analyzer processing to determine whether an object has met the selection criteria. This enhancement makes adding action conditions and Real Time Object Selection (RTOS) criteria more flexible.


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