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How can I prevent users connecting to the CA Directory backbone?


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This techdoc discusses the difference between setting the "max-users" command to zero and the functionality of the DSA command "set allow-binds=TRUE;". There is a common misconception that "set max-users=0;" will disable client binds. This document explains the difference between the commands.


If you set the max-users limits command to 0, the flag is actually disabled. This has the effect of setting the maximum number of connections to approximately 4096.

To prevent new connections to a DSA, add the following command to the DSA's settings file:

set allow-binds = FALSE;

To disconnect any existing connections, connect to the DSA's DXconsole port (the console port is set within the DSA's knowledge configuration file or within the DXmanager configuration) and use the following command:

user abort-all;


Release: ESPDIR99000-8.1-Extended Support Plus-for CA Directory