In a recent install of IDMS Server, we received SQL STATE: 28000 "Security violation...signon failed" when testing the connection to the CA IDMS mainframe. Where can I find a description of these error messages?


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IDMS Server ODBC connection receives SQL STATE: 28000 "Security violation...signon failed".


The IDMS SQL Reference Guide Appendix C.3 contains the SQL STATE values.
The SQL STATE of 28000 is defined as:

       28 Invalid authorization specification             000 No subclass

Most often times this is simply a security problem. Check that the correct user-id and password are being used. If CA IDMS R17.0 PTF RO03211 has been applied, then it will be necessary to input the user-id and password in the appropriate case.

Another possible cause for the SQL STATE 28000 error is if CA IDMS Server is not installed on the IDMS CV. To check this, enter the following command from the "Enter Next Task Code" prompt:

 LOOK program=RHDCD0LV  The following report will be produced: LOOK    PROGRAM=RHDCD0LV                                                   IDMSLOOK  -  OPSYS=z/OS         Release 17.0 Service pack 1   tape GJH01MPROGRAM=RHDCD0LV                                                                                                                                           was loaded From CDMSLIB DSN --> DIST.CAGJH0.PRODTGT.LOADLIB     Entry Point Offset +38A0   -  Reentrant     -  AMODE 31  -  RMODE ANY           24,904 Bytes in Load Module RHDCD0LV loaded at 3B2C5C00                                                                                                            Module    Offset   Date   Time                                                                                                                   RHDCCDDS   +0      080505  1459                                          RHDCD0LV   +3830   080219  1221                                          RHDCD0LA   +5CB8   080805  1152                                          RHDCD0LB   +5FD8   060809  1517  <==============                                                                                          3B2C5C00 +0      D9C8C4C3 C3C4C4E2 F0F8F0F5 F0F51459 RHDCCDDS080505..    3B2C5C10 +10     C3D6D7E8 D9C9C7C8 E3404DC3 5D40F2F0 COPYRIGHT (C) 20    3B2C5C20 +20     F0F740C3 C14B40C1 D3D340D9 C9C7C8E3 07 CA. ALL RIGHT    3B2C5C30 +30     E240D9C5 E2C5D9E5 C5C44B40 40404040 S RESERVED.         3B2C5C40 +40     40404040 40404040 40404040 40404040                      

Verify that module RHDCD0LB is present within Load Module RHDCD0LV. If you do not have RHDCD0LB then that means that the mainframe component of IDMS Server has not been installed. To correct this you will need to do an ADDON install for the IDMS server product from an IDMS BASE tape.


CA IDMS Server User Guide Chapter 3: Setting Up Your System Installing the Host Component CA IDMS SQL Reference Guide Appendix C.3 SQLSTATE Values

Support Online Knowledge Base article TEC462347:
Where can I locate the SQL State error messages for the CA Visual DBA product?


Release: IDWINS00100-16.1-IDMS-Server Option