What Options/Features of CA MICS Require SAS Graph?


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CA MICS Resource Management



SAS Graph is used to produce color graphic reports for MICF reports and some Management Support Applications.


SAS Graph is an optional component of SAS. CA MICS MICF reports that have ?C' as the fourth character of the inquiry name will produce color graphs using SAS Graph. The Presentation Graphic report in the Capacity Planner can be produced with or without SAS Graph. The graphic reports in Section 2.7 of the Performance Planner Guide may also be produced with or without SAS Graph. In all of the references above, SAS Graph provides color graphic reports that can be displayed through MICF foreground or batch, production reporting, printed on a color printer that is supported by SAS Graph, or published via UNIX on the mainframe (USS).

With CA MICS BASE maintenance for R12 SP2 and above, if you are not licensed for SAS Graph you can specify NO for the SAS/Graph Installed parameter in MWF;5;0;3. Setting this option to NO will cause any MICF inquiries that produce color graphics to be omitted from the display of the MICF Shared Inquiry Catalog. See the CA MICS Planning, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Guide, section 4.4.2 for more information.

An alternative to using SAS Graph for color graphics is to use the CA MICS Query and Reporting Workstation Option (Q&R). This option is included in the BASE CA MICS product. Refer to the CA MICS Q&R Workstation Getting Started Guide for more information on Q&R.


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