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AS400 jobs stay in "Agent Notified" status after Manager's address is changed.


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CA Workload Automation Agents DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)



When CA ESP Workload Automation system moved from one MVS system to another, you issued "OPER MGRADDR AGENT" from page mode to notify all agents of the change. You still see AS400 jobs in "Agent Notified" status.


If the CA ESP WA moves from one system to another, this means that IP address of the ESP WLM has changed. After command "OPER MGRADDR AGENT" is issued from page mode, except for AS400 agents, agents on other platforms will automatically connect to the new IP address without recycling.

For the AS400 agent, you need to manually change the CFGTCP table, remove the old pair of manager name and manager IP address, and add the new pair of manager name with manager IP address.


Component: SYSAGM