AdminUI realm configuration with asterix * wildcard
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AdminUI realm configuration with asterix * wildcard


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Planning to protect several resources as:

  | Resource          | Protection  |
  | / (root)          | protected   |
  | /person/_app_bin  | unprotected |
  | /contact/_app_bin | unprotected |
  | /address/_app_bin | unprotected |

Can be all these resources being unprotected with having only 2 Realms as:

  | Realm       | Protection  |
  | / (root)    | protected   |
  | /*/_vti_bin | unprotected |

Or said in another way, can wildcards be used in Realm definition?




Wildcards in Realms are not supported. Only strings are allowed (1). They would be treated as a literal characters. And as such, note that * are reserved characters in the URL and should not be in usage (2).


Additional Information



    Identify a Resource by Agent, Realm, and Rule

      Realm Resource Filter

      A string, such as a relative path to a directory, that specifies the
      resources covered by the realm.

      Rule Resource

      A string or regular expression that specifies the resources to which
      the rule applies



       The asterisk ("*", ASCII 2A hex) and exclamation mark ("!" ,
       ASCII 21 hex) are reserved for use as having special
       signifiance within specific schemes.