After a fail over the original background server hangs in starting state and it is not possible to make it back as the background server


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After an attempt to use the failover procedure the original background server hung and never started again, causing the inability to use it back again.

The following error is captured in the log files during the start of the server:

pdm_ver 6096 ERROR ServerStatusMonitor. 1783 Can't find RF server XXXXXXX
pdm_ver 6096 EXIT ServerStatusMonitor. 587 Slump host XXXXXXXXXX is not defined as an RF server or is not configured and active
proctor_BOGSCASDE 4252 ERROR pdm_process.c 917 Process stopped unexpected exit code from: ../CATECH~1/SERVIC~1/bin/pdm_ver -s -r Expected: 0 Received: 999


The original background server is either inactive or pending of a configuration that prevents the server to start.
If the server is inactive it will be not possible to use it as a background server, if there are pending configurations to set the server also wont be able to start.


Service Desk 12.9 or above with advance availability


Ensure that the original background server is active and in configured state.
1. Log in Service Desk with an administrator account.
2. Access the Administrator tab->System->Servers.
3. Check the line of the Original background server and ensure that it shows that it is active and configured.
If it is inactive edit the server and set it to active.
If it is not configured:
1. Verify in the task manager that the Service Desk process are not running
2. Run pdm_configure, once is completed the server should be in running state and the server should now displayed that it is configured.

Finally proceed to ran the version control to set back the original background server executing the version control command:

pdm_server_controlĀ  -b

Additional Information

After running pdm_configure for Service Desk Manager, NX variables are missing from the NX.env.

CA Service Desk Version Control does not seem to function in Advanced Availability environment.

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