Clarity: When upgrading to Clarity 12.0 or 12.0.1 there are several issues with the Update Earned Value Totals and Update Earned Value History jobs.


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CLRT-37572: Update Earned Value Total/History job crashes when encountering a master/sub with a subproject loop (partial or full)
[RESOLVED in 12.0.3]

It is possible using a combination of Open Workbench and Clarity to create what appears to be a circular subproject loop within a master/sub. Doing so will crash the Update Earned Value history and total jobs as well as the update ev button in the UI. This fix will prevent the crash and instead report a graceful error in the log with information on the two projects involved so the user can correct. The job will then proceed with the next project - instead of crashing!

  1. Create two projects in Clarity, one called "master" and one called "sub"

  2. Add a task to project "sub" called "t1"

  3. Launch OWB and open master.

  4. Insert a partial subproject to project sub, task "t1"

  5. Save and close OWB

  6. In clarity, browse to project "sub"

  7. Add "master" as a subproject.

  8. Add a baseline to both projects called "r1" (name and code)

  9. Run "Update Earned Value Totals" job, selecting project "Master"

Expect: Job finishes without error
Actual: Error in log - stack overflow

CLRT-37128: NPE (NullPointerException) during the generation of Earned Value history or totals causes no update to the master project. Generating earned value history (or totals) can result in an NPE being thrown (see below). If the project being processed was a master, no data will be saved for the master (history or totals).
[RESOLVED in 12.0.3]

ERROR 2009-05-21 18:22:18,212 [Dispatch Thread-22 : [email protected] ] Utils.EVSlicer (xxxxxxxx:35545527__1bb9bee0:none) Error creating historical EV slice for project 00000000
at com.niku.evm.Utils.EVProjectElement.addSubprojectElement(
at com.niku.evm.Utils.CalcEVBase.initProjectHierarchy(
at com.niku.evm.Utils.CalcEVBase.initHierarchy(
at com.niku.evm.Utils.EVSlicer.SliceHistorical(
at com.niku.evm.Utils.EVSlicer.SliceHistorical(
at com.niku.njs.Dispatcher$
at EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent.PooledExecutor$

CLRT-36894: Update Earned Value Totals and Update Earned Value History cause OutOfMemory error when ran against all projects at once.
[RESOLVED in 12.0.3]

Run the "Update Earned Value History" job on a system with a larger (1000+) projects which qualify for a history snapshot

Expected Result: The job to complete without error
Actual Result: The job fails with jav.lang.OutOrMemory error

CLRT-28951: Update Earned Value History job populates BCWS when BCWP is set to projected and vice versa.
[RESOLVED in 12.0.2]

Login to Clarity
Navigate to Reports and Jobs -> Jobs -> Availble Jobs
Select Update Earned Value History
Set parameters for a specific project and choose to only project BCWS
Run the Job
Query the PRJ_EV_HISTORY table to all records against the project in question where OBJECT_TYPE='PROJECT' and isProjected=1
Check the contents of the ITD_BCWS column

Expected: column to be populated
Actual: column is null while the ITD_BCWP column has been populated.

CLRT-28566: Update Earned Value History and Update Earned Value Totals jobs fail for projects with partial subs.
[RESOLVED in 12.0.2]

  1. In clarity create two projects each with at least one task

  2. Open one project in OWB.

  3. Right click on the Task and choose insert Subproject

  4. Find your other project in the left hand pane.

  5. Select it

  6. Now choose a task from the right hand pane

  7. Click Select

  8. Save back to Clarity

  9. Run either job against the project you modified in OWB

Expected Result: Job to run without fail
Actual Result: Job fails with a nullpointerexception in EVTaskElement::doSubRollup.


  1. Open a case with Support

  2. If the Create Earned Value Snapshot job is still available, then delete it.

  3. Run the following queries and have Clarity Support verify them. You will be sent two update statements to resolve an issue with the evm_period_defs table

  4. Select distinct period_interval from prj_ev_history

    Select * from evm_period_defs

  5. If you are on Clarity 12.0, you need to upgrade to Clarity 12.0.3 or later.

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