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Clarity Documentation: Idea Approval process Owner is Originating Requester and not Manager


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The Idea approval process has changed in between Clarity version 7.5.3 and 8.1.


The Idea Approval process assigns these action items to a role called "owner". In Clarity 8.1, there are two out-of-the-box fields, Originating Requester and Manager. The paragraphs below imply that Owner corresponds to Manager.

Page 41, Demand Management User Guide.

Sending Action Items to Approve Ideas.

When you submit an idea for approval, an instance of the Idea Approval process is created and an action item is sent to each user (Approver) that has the right to approve the idea. The action items requests that the Approver review and approve the idea.

Another action item is sent to the idea's manager when the idea is approved or rejected. If the status is changed to "Incomplete", the idea's manager is sent an action item to provide additional information and resubmit the idea.

This is a documentation issue. In Clarity 8.0+ the Originating Requestor corresponds to the 7.5.3 Owner. In 8.0 there was no Originating Requestor; the 7.5.3 Owner became the 8.0 Manager by default. It was thought that this gave too much capability to the person who dreamed up the Idea rather than the person who was placed in charge of investigating the feasibility/value of the Idea and shepherding it through to conversion to an Investment.

Status: Documentation manuals will be updated in a later release.

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