How do I run an acstat report on an UNIX or LINUX system?
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How do I run an acstat report on an UNIX or LINUX system?


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The acstat report is used by the support team to get a snap shot of the system for further diagnostics.


As an initial CA Audit troubleshooting step you will usually be asked to provide us with "ACSTAT" output. The acstat utility collects Audit and system information that is very useful in determining where your problem may lie.

To run the ACSTAT utility please do the following:

  • Sign into root on the system where you would like to obtain the diagnostic report from

  • cd into the directory containing the Audit bin directory. The default is /opt/CA/eTrustAudit/bin

  • Setup the environment variables:

    • . ./

      Note: The above command is dot space dot slash

  • Run the acstat command:
    ./acstat > acstat.txt

The acstat.txt is then generated. This file can be used for diagnostic and can also be used as a baseline of how a particular machine is setup. Please attach this file to the issue in or email it as an attachment to [email protected] and include the issue number as part of the subject.


Component: ADTCTL