Handling "Unable to allocate Operation Object" errors. ETADMINTEMP Database maintenance.
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Handling "Unable to allocate Operation Object" errors. ETADMINTEMP Database maintenance.


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What is the purpose of the ETATEMPDB database and how to maintain it?


The ETADMINTEMP is a temporary repository with an underlying Ingres database which stores operation object information of eTrust Admin processes/transactions. The ETADMINTEMPDB's data is found under %II_SYSTEM%\ingres\data\default\etaadmintemp.

The contents in this repository expire and are removed by the Admin engine over time. Please note that Ingres databases running on 32bit platforms are limited to 2GB in size for proper functioning. If the ETADMINTEMP DB grows beyond 2GB, you maynotice your transactions in Admin failing and operation errors such as below in the ETATRANS log:

20090909:132644:TID=0014c4:Modify  :E806:----:F:     msg: :ETA_E_0007<MXX>, Global User
'xxxxxxx' modification failed:Unable to a

20090909:132644:TID=0014c4:Modify :E806:----:F:+llocate Operation object

Regular tuning of the Ingres databases will keep their sizes down. However there are cases where objects get orphaned or the ETADMINTEMP db gets corrupted and remains at a large size for an extended period. In those cases, deleting and recreating it is a quick fix with minimal impact to the environment (impact being downtime while recreating).

Below is the procedure to clean-up and recreate the ETAADMINTEMP database.

Stop applications and DSAs:

  1. net stop eta_slapd

  2. net stop eta_connector

  3. dxserver stop all

From a command prompt, run the following commands to backup and remove the ETAADMINTEMP database:
(** You may need to login as the DSA user or whatever user installed Directory/Ingres **)

  1. cd /d %dxhome%

  2. mkdir etadmintemp.bck

  3. cd etadmintemp.bck

  4. copydb c etadmintemp

  5. sql etadmintemp < copy.out

Destroy the database:

dxdestroydb etadmintemp

Recreate blank temp db

dxnewdb etadmintemp

Restart DSAs and Applications

From a command prompt run the following commands:

dxserver start allnet start eta_slapd

If you have a database that is consistently staying beyond that size, you should consider hosting it on a 64bit machine or partitioning the db (see this document on help with partitioning: https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/anonymous/redirArticles?reqPage=search&searchID=TEC426143).

Note that with Directory R12 SP1, there is no longer an Ingres database, so this size limitation no longer exists. R12 is currently certified with the upcoming IM R12.5.


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