What XCOMDFLT parameters can be overridden on the PARM= card of your CA XCOM Data Transport STC JCL?


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There are specific parameters that you can override on your //EXEC PARM= card for the XCOM STC. Here is the list of the valid parameters.


The following processing options can be overridden by the PARM parameter:

ACBNAME        EDESC           LOGMODE            START
AGE            EROUT           NETNAME            SWAIT
ALLOC          ERRINTV         PRI                TCPSTACK
CATALOG        FERL            PSOUNIT            TERL
CLASS          IDESC           PSOVOL             UNIT
COMPNEG        IROUT           REMAGE             USERD
DFLTVER        JESINTV         SEC                VTAMGNAM
DFLTAB         LOG             SERL               VERL
DIR            LOGCLASS        SMF                VOL
DOMAIN         LOGDEST         SMFNUM             XCOMPLEX

If the parameter is not part of the above list you will then be required to modify the value of that parameter within your XCOMDFLT table and reassemble and link the table. For the changes to take effect you would have to recycle your XCOM STC. Please refer to the CA XCOM Data Transport Administrator Guide for details on all of the XCOMDFLT table parameters.


Release: XCOM..01300-11.6-XCOM Data Transport-for AIX