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CAFT Message: Transfer time limit exceeded UNIX NIS Directory


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Sometimes when adding a UNIX namespace you can get the following message:
"CAFT Message: Transfer time limit exceeded UNIX NIS Directory"


The reason for this is a combination between the network and the fact that default protocol for CAM/CAFT is UDP.


Component: Identity Manager


Possible fix is to change the protocol on both the server and your clients to TCP.

On your server (where your IM C++ Connector Server is running):

camconfig *paths "<Your_Unix_endpoint_host_name> protocol=tcp"
camsave persist 

On your UNIX endpoint:

cd 'cat /etc/catngcampath'/bin           
./camconfig *paths "<YOUR_SERVER_NAME> protocol=tcp"       
./camsave persist

The above commands will switch CAM/CAFT communication to TCP port only between the specified Unix machine and IM CCS server machine. Other endpoints will not be affected.