How to make workflow tasks run concurrently?


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By default, when creating multiple workflow tasks, they run sequentially. How can workflow tasks that do not depend on each other be allowed to run concurrently?


Normally, multiple workflow tasks on a change order will run sequentially, in order of sequence number, the lowest numbered task first. If this behavior is not desired, tasks can be run in parallel through the use of the special markers Group Start Task and Group End Task. For example, suppose tasks 10 through 40 are defined, as follows:

  10    Task Ten 
  20    Task Twenty 
  30    Task Thirty
  40    Task Forty 

To make tasks 20 and 30 run simultaneously, insert Group Start Task and Group End Task, as follows:

  10    Task Ten 
  15    Group Start Task 
  20    Task Twenty 
  30    Task Thirty 
  35    Group End Task 
  40    Task Forty 

For this reason, it is advisable to choose sequence numbers spaced apart sufficiently so that such changes can be accommodated later.


Component: ARGIS