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How to work-around non-displayable special characters in RC/Edit and RC/Browse?


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Using the RC/Update browse option, to browse a table, special characters such as the Euro sign are not displayed.

How can special characters such as this be displayed?


RC/Edit and RC/Browse utilize the ISPF/PDF translation tables to determine which characters are displayable.

If a particular character is non-displayable, then RC/Edit and RC/Browse will display the character as a blank or period.

Detailed instructions about Customize ISPF/PDF Translation Tables can be found in the "ISPF Planning and Customizing" manual.

As an additional work-around you may wish to try using the EXPLODE line command while in RC/Update display.
This utilizes a native ISPF function to display the data and should provide the display of characters not currently shown.

To explode a character column, type EXPLODE on the command line, move the cursor to the column you want to explode, and press <Enter>.


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