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It is difficult to do Inline editing for a Grid Portlet with large string values in the row in Classic PPM


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Inline editing doesn't work for large text boxes/large string attributes in portlets/objects

Steps to reproduce: 

  1. Login to Clarity PPM as admin
  2. Go to Administration --> Studio --> Portlets 
  3. Search for "Project Schedule" portlet. 
  4. Open the Portlet. 
  5. Go to List Column Section --> Layout. 
  6. Add the Objective attribute among the Selected Columns. 
  7. Click Save and Return. 
  8. Go to Home --> General page. 
  9. Click on "Manage my Tabs" icon and add the Project schedule portlet in any of the Tabs. 
  10. Open a project and add a huge text value with many lines (more than 25). 
  11. See the row corresponding to that project in the Project Schedule portlet. The row will be having a bigger height to display the entire data. 
  12. Double click on that value to do inline edit.

Expected result: The editable box should be of equal size

Actual result: The Editable box becomes of very small height showing only 2-3 lines at a time.

Screen shot below:


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Reviewed by Sustaining Engineering as CLRT-80970


  1. Sustaining Engineering reviewed this issue and determined it would not be able to be fixed
  2. Options to edit the large string values:
    • Open the Project and edit or modify the Field value from the properties page
    • Reduce the number of columns in the list view or grid to allow more space for editing in the list view or grid.
  3. The other option is to use the New User Experience where the large string fields edit view is improved
    • Below is a screen shot of a test done with a custom sub object linked to the project object in the New UX.
    • The popup screen appears when you double click on the large string you want to edit.


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