Command "caf setcomputername <newname>" takes a long time to execute.


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The following command takes a long time to execute:

caf setcomputername <newname>
The name has been changed from <oldname> to <newname>.
Asking caf to re-register...
Caf registered with scalability server iw1188adm.phys.pack.
Command completed successfully.

If the command takes more than 4 minutes the command returns the following output:

caf setcomputername <newname>
The name has been changed from <oldname> to <newname>.
Asking caf to re-register...
The specified operation has expired. The timeout is usually a client supplied value.


From R12 onwards, "caf setcomputername <newname>" command does 2 things:

  • Change the name of the computer in comstore

  • Execute a caf register all

In pre R12 versions only the change of name in comstore was performed by the command.

caf setcomputername waits for the of these 2 steps before finishing.
On some machines caf register all could take several minutes due to the Basic Hardware Inventory registration which could take long time.

The above command can be replaced by the folllowing 2 commands which execute quickly:

  • ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/agent -pn agentname -v <newname>

  • caf register all

"caf register all" returns quickly because it does not wait for the termination of the register process, which is executed in the background.


Component: TNGAMO