How can I uninstall the Asset Management 4.0 Agent installed as a service on a computer?


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The Asset Management Agent 4.0 could be either run as a command (no need for resident software on the computer memory) or as a windows service.
How can I proceed to uninstall it, if it is installed as a service?


In order to uninstall the TNGAMO 4.0 agent installed as a windows service proceed as stated here below:

  1. Go to the computer running the AMO 4.0 service agent.

  • Locate the folder the agent binaries are read from. This can be either a local folder or a network share.
  • To do so open the %WINDIR%\UMCSTUB.LOG file with a text editor and look for lines similar to the following ones:

            ...       2.14 2009-10-12 01:57:56  - Reading Schedule options...       2.14 2009-10-12 01:57:56  Reading Schedule file...       2.14 2009-10-12 01:57:56  \\AMO40SRV\AMAGENTS$\UMCSTUB.INI       ...

  • UMCSTUB.INI is placed in the folder the binaries are picked up from. In this example it is a remote folder \\AMO40SRV\AMAGENTS$.

  • If it is a remote location map it to a drive letter.

  • Open a DOS command prompt window and make your default working directory the one UMCSTUB.INI is located in.

  • Execute the following commands:
    net  stop  amoagentumcrem     amoagent

  • The Asset Management Agent 4.0 service should have been removed from the computer.


Component: TNGAMO