DLP - Installation fails with Error 25002. Error creating database.
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DLP - Installation fails with Error 25002. Error creating database.


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During the installation of Orchestria APM (version 5.0 or 6.0) or CA DLP (release 12) infrastructure components (CMS or Gateway), against a Microsoft SQL 2005 or 2008 database, the installation may fail with the following error:

Error 25002.

Error creating database: unable to create schema (code 0xe563fa0b). Description:". returned when installing database

In order to use MS SQL Server 2005 (including the Express edition) and SQL 2008 (supported from CA DLP r12 onwards), as the DBMS (Database Management System) to connect to your server (CMS and Gateways) installations, SQL must be configured to use static IP ports. Database creation will fail if you use dynamic port assignments for the MS SQL Database configuration.


If your database host server is configured to use dynamic ports, you must change this so that the SQL Server instance hosting the Orchestria APM/ CA DLP database uses static TCP/IP ports.

Before installing Orchestria APM/ CA DLP, use the "SQL Server Configuration Manager", which installs with MS SQL, to ensure the TCP/IP protocol is enabled (by default the TCP/IP protocol is disabled) and assign a static port address. You will need to restart the SQL Server Service (MSSQLSERVER) to ensure the changes take effect.

You must also ensure that the SQL Server Browser service has started. By default, this service is off. We recommend that you set it to start automatically.

Note: Please also refer to the Knowledge Base Article, Document ID TEC499869 for other possible causes of the Error 25002 during installation.


Component: DLPAPM