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CA Access Control database during upgrade to r12, r12SP1, r12.5.


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seosdb cannot be hot swapped during upgrade.


CA Access Control's seosdb cannot be hot swapped during upgrade to r12 and above. This means that database files cannot just be copied over, the seosdb folder. They must be exported by dbmgr and then imported.

To Export the database:

Create a script that will duplicate the rule set by running the dbmgr utility on the database:

# cd /opt/CA/eTrustAccessControl/seosdb                            
# dbmgr -export -l -f /tmp/lang_script                

Execute the dbmgr utility to create a flat file containing data from the old database:

# cd /opt/CA/eTrustAccessControl/seosdb                              
# dbmgr -migrate -r /tmp/flat_file       

To Import:

Import the script generated previously to populate the new database:

# cd /opt/CA/AccessControl/seosdb                                      
# selang -l -f /tmp/lang_script                                              

Load the data from the flat file into the Access Control database:

# cd /opt/CA/AccessControl/seosdb                                      
# dbmgr -migrate -w /tmp/flat_file    

If you are doing an upgrade install, this will automatically be done for you. It is good practice to also do this before the upgrade to have a backup copy of the data.


Component: SEOSNT