How to set up a logonid record so that a TSO user is not timed out using ACF2
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How to set up a logonid record so that a TSO user is not timed out using ACF2


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There are 2 options that affect TSO TIMEOUT Processing: the JWT (Job Wait Time) and TSOTIME.

The JWT time parameter is specifically for idle time (how long an idle address space is allowed to wait before it is terminated) and is specified in the SYS1.PARMLIB(SMFPRMxx) member.

The TSOTIME specified on the ACF2 lid record and the CONTROL(GSO) TSO TIME is the maximum allowed CPU usage and is only valid for TSO users.


Component: ACF2MS


The TSOTIME attribute in the ACF2 logonid record and the time field in the C(GSO) TSO record will control the amount of CPU time used by a TSO user before being timed out.
When this value is set to 1440, no time out will occur.
At TSO logon time ACF2 passes the TSOTIME to TSO in the 'TIME=' parameter of the jobcard.
The TSOTIME may be specified in the TSO full-screen logon display, the TSOTIME in the ACF2 logonid record or the C(GSO) TSO TIME field.
ACF2 will check for the TSOTIME specified in the following order and use the first supplied or specified TSOTIME value to be passed to TSO in the 'TIME=' parameter.

  1. The TSOTIME value that is entered via the full screen logon (This requires LGN-TIME to be added to your logonid record so that a value of 1440 can be set).

  2. The logonid TSOTIME value (This requires a change by ACF2 administrator to 1440).

  3. The C(GSO) TSO record TIME value (Setting this global value to 1440 is not recommended).

The only way to override the JWT is by specifying 1440 for the TSO time, in doing so both the CPU time and idle time (JWT) are overridden and the user does not time out.

Additional Information

LOGONID record field:

Indicates a user's default TSO time parameter, which is the CPU time limit (in minutes) associated with the TSO session. The maximum value is 1440. Zero indicates no default TSO time parameter was specified (Two byte binary field).

GSO TSO record field:

Specifies the default time estimate for TSO sessions in minutes. If you specify zero, no TIME parameter is placed on the job statement. The default value is zero. The maximum value is 1440.