SiteMinder WAM UI "Could not connect to Policy Server".
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SiteMinder WAM UI "Could not connect to Policy Server".


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I was able to login into the WAM UI, however the WAM UI was unable to connect to the policy server.

I started the application server. Watching console while trying to log into Admin UI (with same error showing up) I saw:

ERROR [AdministratorRelationship] Failed to flush administrator record for user [superuser] 9999999"

followed by

" Could not connect to Policy Server".



Component: SMPLC



This issue could be for two reasons:

  1. The policy Server is down.

  2. The connection between the Policy Server and the WAM UI is no longer valid.

    To fix the connection customer has to re-register the connection between the Policy Server and the WAM UI as follow:

    1. Open a command prompt from the machine that is hosting the Policy Server, and run the following command:

      Xpsregclient <client_name> -adminui -su

      For instance: xpsregclient wamuicli -adminui -su

    2. Configure the Administrative UI and Policy Server connection.

      1. Open a supported Web browser and enter:


        The Administrative UI login screen opens.

      2. Log in using the credentials of the Super User you identified when installing the Administrative UI.

      3. Click Administration, Connections.

      4. Click UI, Register Administration UI Server. The Register Administration UI Server panel opens.

      5. Type a connection name, Policy Server host, Policy Server Port, Client name and passphrase.

      6. Click Submit.

For more information, please check the SiteMinder R12 Installation Guide Chapter 8: Installing the Administrative UI.