Disassociate Department and Location being in use in resources
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Disassociate Department and Location being in use in resources


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You need to transfer some locations from department X to department Y.
You tried to remove locations from department X but got error message 'REVMGR-20161:Cannot disassociate location and department because they are being used in the resources'.


1. This error indicates that the location and department association has been used for one or more resources. To find out which resources have references of this association, please run the following query:

select id from PAC_MNT_RESOURCES

2. Note the id returned. Then for each one of the ids from the results above, run the following query, this will list the resource details.

select * from SRM_Resources
where id = 'one of your resource id'

3. Navigate to the Clarity - Resource - Financial Properties of the resource from the above queries and choose a different location or department. Once this has been done for all the resources returned from the first query above, you will be able to disassociate the location and the department.