CA ACF2 BACKUP processing is failing with IEC143I 213-04 when the SYSUT1 temporary dataset has been deleted.


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A temporary dataset allocated to SYSUT1 by CA-ACF2 BACKUP processing was deleted by a storage management utility and the BACKUP is failing with: IEC143I 213-04. Can this be resolved by recycling CA-ACF2 or is an IPL required?


Component: ACF2MS


Recycling CA-ACF2 will correct this. However, to prevent this from happening in the future, we recommend that you let CA-ACF2 allocate the files dynamically at backup time. This is done by removing the SYSUT1 allocation in the CA-ACF2 procedure and updating the BACKUP record under C(GSO) to specify NOSYSUT1, WORKUNIT(VIO), PRISPACE(nnn), SECSPACE(nnn).