How do I create the DDL for all objects in a database to be used as a backup?


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CA RC/Migrator CA Endevor SCM Interface DB2 Administration CA RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS CA RC Extract for DB2 for z/OS CA RC/Query CA RC Secure for DB2 for z/OS CA RC Update for DB2 for z/OS



RC/Migrator provides a DDL Only option that generates the necessary DDL statements needed to re-create a DB2 structure. The generated DDL re-creates the DB2 structure including any referential integrity rules or security.


Create a Migration strategy which specifies the Name and Creator of the Database on the RC/M Create Migration Strategy screen. Once the required object(s) are selected, proceed to the RC/M Strategy Analysis Options screen and under the label "Exclusive Options" BND/DAT/STAT/SQL/GRNT/RI ==> , select S for SQL. This option will generate SQL only with no Batch Processor commands included. This option will generate a snapshot of the DDL/DCL of the objects in the strategy.


Component: RCM