What are all the SARDBASE Functions and their Descriptions?
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What are all the SARDBASE Functions and their Descriptions?


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SARDBASE Functions:

NAME - Identify the database high-level qualifier
DELETE - Delete database
ADDDS - Create a new database or add additional space to an existing database
RENAME - Renames an existing database
OLOAD - Load panels, messages, and skeleton JCL into an existing database
BLOAD - Load banners into an existing database
STATUS - Displays the status of database usage
SET - Initializes database statistics for on-line viewing
IDXOUT - Write the Master Index to a sequential file
UNLOAD - Writes all database records to a sequential file
LOAD - Load s database from a sequential unloaded-image file
MERGE - Creates a new database from multiple sequential unload-image files
COPY - Copy an existing database to a new EMPTY database
REORG - Defragments the Master Index
VERIFY - Verifies the structure and integrity of a database
VERSION - Changes the version of a database and converts Master Index records
ADDLOCK - Create and format a one-track lock dataset
UNLOCK - Unlocks or releases a lock held by a user or job
RESTORE - Recreate a database from a Master Index backup-image on tape


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