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Resource and Roles are lost on roundtrip to Microsoft Project


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Round-trip masterproject/subproject with team members where only some of the team members are assigned to tasks, loses the resources/roles without task assignment when saving back to Clarity. Only occurs on masterproject/subproject, not on single project without subprojects.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create masterproject with 3 team resources (can be mix of roles and resources) 
  2. Create task on masterproject and assign 1 resource to task. 
  3. Create subproject with 3 other team resources 
  4. Create task on subproject and assign 1 resource to task. 
  5. In masterproject assign subproject as subproject to it. 
  6. Go to masterproject Properties view > Open read/write to MSP 
  7. In MSP opens masterproject, subproject and resourcepool. 
  8. In MSP check in masterproject and subproject as well as in Resource pool the Resource field drop down that all 6 resources from pool are listed but don't make any change. 
  9. In MSP for each of the open files choose Save from PPM Clarity toolbar. 
  10. Return to Clarity masterproject and go to Team tab
  11. Check in subproject the Team tab

Expected result: See all 3 resources listed

Actual result: Only the 1 resource/role attached to the task remains in masterproject and in subproject, though on some reproductions it suddenly also seemed to just show all resources then in Subproject.


All PPM versions.


This has been reported as CLRT-60049.


This issue is not a defect but working as designed.

In MSP, when you have a resource pool, ALL resources in the pool appear to be allocated to ALL the projects linked to the pool. This means that when the master project is saved back to PPM, it and all of its subprojects (and subs of subs) will appear to have all of the resources in the pool allocated to them. This adds unwanted team members to the projects when viewed from within PPM. 

Based on Customer feedback, the decision was made to only allow team members in PPM if the resource was actually assigned to a task on the project.