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Clarity: Unable to update project status attribute via XOG when the attribute is linked to lookup INVESTMENT_OBJ_STATUS


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Users should be able to use XOG to change the Project Status attribute as follows:

The initial status :--------> Possible final status changed by XOG:

(0)Unapproved -----------> Approved, Rejected
(1)Approved --------------->Unapproved, On Hold, Cancelled
(2)On Hold ----------------->Approved, Cancelled, Resumed
(3)Rejected ----------------->Unapproved, Approved, On Hold
(4)Cancelled --------------->Approved, Resumed
(5)Resumed ---------------->Cancelled

Users, however, are unable to change from approved to On Hold, from rejected to approved, or from approved to unapproved via XOG. The xog output file does not show any error, but the UI display is unchanged. This issue may not be reproducible on all Clarity systems. There may be other status combinations that display the same symptoms.

Steps to Reproduce (one example attempting to change from Approved to On Hold):

  1. Create a project and ensure project start, finish, cost plan start and finish dates covers today's date.

  2. Set project progress = started, status = approved.

  3. XOG out a project with status = Approved.

  4. Edit the xog file that was created and change to status = 2 (on hold).

  5. XOG the project back into Clarity.

Expected Result: Status = on hold in the UI.

Actual Result: status = approved in the UI.


Use the UI When you need to change the status.

Resolved in Clarity 12.1.0.

Keywords: CLARITYKB, CLRT-47013, CLRT-13273, clarity12resolved, clarity1210resolved.


Component: STUDIO