Activating Datacom user exits DBUSROPA or DBUSROPB
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Activating Datacom user exits DBUSROPA or DBUSROPB


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Datacom Datacom/DB


This article explains the process of activation for Datacom open user exit programs DBUSROPA or DBUSROPB. To enhance security, an open processing user exit can be written to control access and update of data.





During initialization of a Datacom/DB system, Datacom/DB attempts to load either or both modules named DBUSROPA and DBUSROPB with the other Datacom/DB modules. If the DBUSROPA module is found in the load library, it is treated as the after open exit. If the DBUSROPB module is found, it is treated as the before open exit. There are no Multi-user (MUF) parameters needed in order to activate these exits.

Additional Information

For more information about these exit modules, see Open Processing User Exit in the documentation topic User-Written Exits.