How are the CA Datacom open user exits DBUSROPA or DBUSROPB activated?


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Please clarify what is needed to use the CA Datacom open user exits DBUSROPA or DBUSROPB.


The presence of a loadable load module DBUSROPB will cause Datacom to use DBUSROPB as the before open exit while the presence of loadable load module DBUSROPA will cause Datacom to use DBUSROPA as the after open exit. There are no Multi-user (MUF) parameters needed to be specified.

From the CA Datacom/DB Database and System Administration Guide r12, page 920, section "Open Processing User Exit":

Purpose: To enhance security, an open processing user exit can be written to control access and update of data. Each request for a User Requirements Table open is screened according to the specifications of the exit. Requests which do not meet the criteria are aborted.

When Exit Is Called: This exit cannot be used to examine individual requests made to CA Datacom/DB. The exit is called during table open processing only. During initialization of a CA Datacom/DB system, CA Datacom/DB attempts to load either or both modules named DBUSROPA and DBUSROPB with the other CA Datacom/DB modules. If the DBUSROPA module is found, it is treated as the after open exit. If the DBUSROPB module is found, it is treated as the before open exit.

Implementing the Exit: Specify your load library member name as DBUSROPA or DBUSROPB if it is the after open exit or before open exit, respectively. ...more..."

Please refer to the guide for additional details on coding the user exits DBUSROPA and DBUSROPB.


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