How to allow a large number of applications to be seen by the SSO Client?
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How to allow a large number of applications to be seen by the SSO Client?


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After logging in to SSO Client when Application list is generated or refreshed the following error message occurs:

"limit was exceeded"
reported by SSO server
[email protected]_limit_exceeded_0x300

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Figure 1


This issue is occurring since the maximum numbers of applications downloaded to the SSO Client is limited.
The default value of this limit is 120.

Should there be the need to provide more than 120 applications to any user, the SSO Server's configuration parameter MaxAppQty can be increased.

To do so, open the Policy Manager and find this parameter under Resources -> Single Sign On Resources -> Configuration Resources -> Policy Server Settings -> Communication

Alternatively the following selang command can be submit:

chres PSCONFIGPROPERTY ("[email protected]")  gen_prop("VALUE") gen_val("200");

Restart the SSO Server Service to make the changes effective.

Note that hidden applications, as well as containers, have to be considered to the total number of applications available.

Internal tests have shown that a high value for MaxAppQty (500) setting does not negatively impact performance in modern environments.



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