AZ Cache Tuning :: ExpectedNumberOfUsers
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AZ Cache Tuning :: ExpectedNumberOfUsers


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We use an 6.x environment today (policyservers and webagents).
I have a question regarding tuning of the AZ cache.

The documentation states:
Calculating the AZ cache size
AZ policyserver tuning Solution: In siteminder 6.0, you specify the User Authorization cache size in MB, not in number of entries as in 5.5. Each entry is estimated to be 64 bytes, therefore the formula simply needs to convert the number of entries to MBs as follows: Number of MB = (ExpectedNumberOfUsers * NumberOfPolicies

So my question is about the expected number of users. Is it the number of users per resource cache timeout (10 min.) or the total amount of users all together?


This value represents the total number of users that are being Auth/AZ for the whole infrastructure.


Component: SMPLC