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How can we remove restrict employee access from Editing request once it is saved?


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For the employee interface after saving the ticket they have a "Edit Request" button which allows them to edit and make the changes.

This document provides the steps to disable the Edit Request button in employee interface.


  • Please copy the file detail_cr.htmpl from.
    NX_ROOT\Service Desk\bopcfg\www\htmpl\web\employeeToNX_ROOT\Service Desk\site\mods\www\htmpl\web\employee        
    Or to the respective form group under employee folder.

  • Open the file in the notepad.

  • Search for the below code and remove it.

    PDM_IF "$prop.guest_user" != 1>            ImgBtnCreate("btn001", msgtext(504), "pdm_submit('main_form','UPDATE')", "defer", 0);     </PDM_IF>
  • Save the file and do a pdm_webcache -H.

  • Delete browser cache and log back in.

  • Please make the changes on a test machine before making it on production.


Component: ARGIS