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What are the steps to add additional reports to SD reports tab?


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This document explains the steps involved in adding additional reports to the Reports tab in ServiceDesk.


  1. Login to ServiceDesk as Administrator.

  2. Go to Administration->Security and Role Management->Role Management->Web Forms.

  3. Click on Create New.

  4. In the Web Form Name field enter a web form name Ex:KPI report.

  5. In the CODE enter a code Ex:KPIREP.

  6. In the Type drop down select Report.

  7. In the Resource field copy the following:

  8. Click on Save.

  9. Go to Roles->Administrator->Report Web Forms tab->Update Report Web Forms.

  10. Select the KPI report web form we created earlier and add it to the list.

  11. Click on OK.

  12. Logoff and log back in as Administrator.

  13. Go to the Reports tab and from the list of reports, select the KPI report It will run the KPI report.

You can follow the steps for other web intelligence and crystal reports if required.

Note on Resource Field:


The variables $BOServerURL is taken from the options manager.

For all reports the resource is same till$BOServerURL?sPath=[Home],[Public+Folders],[CA+Reports],[CA+Service+Desk], After that you need to add the folder in which the report is present. Each word should be separated by '+'.

After the folder name, its the document name, again separated by '+' At the end the viewer you want to use to display the report, by default its html.


Component: SDBOXI