How to prevent CA-Librarian from using VIO?
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How to prevent CA-Librarian from using VIO?


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How to prevent CA-Librarian from using VIO?


Component: C21E


For Batch Librarian and Librarian CCF::

USERMOD MLJ4305 provides a way to customize the CA-Librarian with a customer site name and customer ID. The customer site name prints out on the batch CA-Librarian job output header page and on the Comparator II default report.

The customer ID is required when assigning a management code (MCD) to a master file. See the Security Administration Guide for details on the MCD.

Note: This USERMOD is optional and, if omitted, the site name defaults to CA-Librarian and the customer ID defaults to INITM. Member LJMODRID on the SAMPJCL library contains the SMP/E statements required for this USERMOD.

Among others, one of the LIBRID macro options for USERMOD MLJ4305 is:

WORKUNIT=VIO. It specifies a temporary work DASD. If you leave this parameter blank, it defaults to VIO. You can override this parameter setting with a work volume for temporary data sets.


The ELIPSGEN macro must be assembled and link edited to complete the installation of ELIPS. The ELIPSGEN macro is the installation macro for ELIPS. It resides on the macro library (CAI.CAIMAC). Member LUELIGEN on the SAMPJCL library contains a job stream to assemble and link edit the macro into your CA-Librarian target library. You must assemble and link edit the ELIPSGEN macro outside of SMP/E. Among others, one of the ELIPSGEN macro parameters is UNIT=VIO or unitname. It specifies the UNIT name to be used for the EDIT and BROWSE transient file. VIO is the default. The name of the virtual I/O unit name for your system. Note: Wide record master file users should be aware that the device, or the device being emulated when VIO is specified, must support the LRECL of the largest members being placed in wide record master files. Unitname can be any normal DASD device unit name, but failing to use VIO substantially degrades ELIPS EDIT and BROWSE performance.