Unable To Start UAJM R11.0SP5 Linux Remote Agent With unisrvcntr on RHEL7.2 After Uninstall and Reinstall


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After uninstalling and reinstalling the UAJM R11.0SP5 Remote Agent on RHEL 7.2, it will not start using the unisrvcntr command.

The following warning is displayed when attempting to start it and the agent status is left as not running...

Starting uajm_agent (via systemctl):  Warning: uajm_agent.service changed on disk. Run 'systemctl daemon-reload' to reload units.



The uninstall removes the uajm_agent.service from the systemd config but doesn't properly refresh systemctl.

When the reinstall puts the uajm_agent.service back in the systemd config, the systemctl is unable to start it until a daemon reload is performed. This is what the warning indicates.


UAJM 11.0SP5 on RHEL 7.x


After the reinstall completes, run the following two commands as root to correct the issue...

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart uajm_agent.service

If it is not possible to run the above commands, the issue will also correct itself after the next reboot of the machine. In the meantime, the agent can be started using the startup script that is placed in /etc/init.d...

ex. /etc/init.d/waae_agent-WA_AGENT start