How do I Export and Import the Local Address Book?
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How do I Export and Import the Local Address Book?


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Exporting the Local Address Book

The Local Address Book can be exported using the following rcUtilCmd command:
Export [export name]

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Figure 1

Note: The exported name defaults to rcExportedLAB (rcExportedLAB.abi and rcExportedLAB.abd files will be created). If a relative file name is provided, the output files are placed in the logged on user's Unicenter Remote -Control application data subdirectory.

In this illustration, the command was executed from a folder called 'EXPORTED'. After running the export command two files rcExportedLAB.abi and rcExportedLAB.abd files will be created in the EXPORTED folder.

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Figure 2

Importing the Local Address Book

To import the Local Address Book, use the following command line with rcUtilCmd:
import [-i exportedName] [-r] [addressBookName] [addressBookDescription]


The name used during export.

Note: Specify the name without the .abd suffix. Also, both the *.abd and *.abi files need to be present when importing an Exported address book.

Specifies that the computers already existing in the destination book will be replaced; otherwise, the replacement definition will be ignored.

The name of a new address book to be created or added to the Local Address Book. This name can be a hierarchical name, with the hierarchy separated by '\' or '/' characters. The hierarchy will be created if necessary. Names are treated as case insensitive for the purpose of deciding whether the name is already present.

The description of the new address book.

Copy the exported folder on to the machine on which you want to import the Local Address Book and run the following command:
rcUtilCMD import -I C:\EXPORTED\rcExportedLAB

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Figure 3

Once the command is completed successfully, close and open the RCViewer. The Local Address Book would be added.

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Figure 4


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence


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