No global collections visible in SRM for non admin users with SRM security enabled.
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No global collections visible in SRM for non admin users with SRM security enabled.


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CA Spectrum


We enabled "SRM security" from OC web admin page -> Report manager -> preferences and now only Admin users can see global collections, on the parameter pages, in SRM.
 The users are able to access the global collections and models from the OneClick so they are part of the required security communities.





All versions of spectrum on all platforms.


"SRM security" is enabled so only users with SRM privileges can see group data from the SRM parameter page.  By default after Spectrum 9.x, new users (and users migrated from an older system) do NOT have this SRM privileges enabled by default.

It is possible to verify the WKP_ProxyUserSecurity values for users as follows:

  1.  Go to the SRM parameter page where we see the issue.
  2.            from the context menu choose “View Source” ( If you are using Firefox, then you have to select "view frame source" instead of view source)
  3.            Search for “WKP_ProxyUserSecurity” – it should look similar to: “name="WKP_ProxyUserSecurity" value="Administrator">” 
  4.             Not every report will have this value listed so try various until you find it.

4. It is possible to compare these settings for a functioning user with a non functioning user in mySQL as follows:

a.  Select * from v_security_string_accessibility_by_landscape where user_name=’xxx’;

b.  You will see number of security string for the functioning user and only *UNKONWN* for the non functioning user.



New users must be given privileges to "view data" in Report Manager.  From a OneClick console, navigate to users tab.  Select the user in question, and in the component
  detail section under Privileges check if it has privilege for Report Manager.



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