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How to view the contents of a specific job output blob.


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The autorep command does not provide an option for reporting the contents of a job output blob. This document provides a method that can be used to report the contents of a specific job output blob using the std_in_file attribute in another job.


To view the latest output blob created by a job that has the 'std_out_file' attribute set to redirect the command output to a blob stored in the AutoSys database, create a simple shell script with the following two lines:

read job_blob
echo $job_blob

(The variable can by any name)

Create another AutoSys command job that runs the shell script and has the 'std_in_file' set to the desired job output blob. Set the 'std_out_file' attribute so that the blob contents are stored in a file.

A job named 'test_blob' runs an 'autoflags -a' command and has the 'std_out_file' set to $$blobt.

A script called 'blob_report' is stored on the AutoSys server is created with the two lines above.

Create a second job to run the script above and pull the output blob for 'test_blob' as standard input and redirect the script output to a file.

insert_job: test_blob_output
command: blob_report
machine: localhost
std_in_file: $$blobt.test_blob
std_out_file: /tmp/test_blob_output.out

After running the 'test_blob_output' job, a file called 'test_blob_output.out' will be created in /tmp and will contain the contents of the specified output blob.


Component: ATSYS