How to configure EEM 8.4 for SSL connection to LDAP directories for user authentication and authorization?


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Support for SSL communication to LDAP directories is a new feature in EEM 8.4. This document explains the steps to configure EEM for SSL communication to LDAP directories.


Before configuring EEM for SSL, the LDAP server should be configured to use SSL certificates. This generally includes the following steps:

  1. Obtain a Certificate Authority certificate and install the certificate in the trusted certificate store on your LDAP server.
  2. Obtain a server certificate from the Certificate Authority and install the certificate in the server certificate store of your LDAP server.
  3. Enable the LDAP server to accept SSL connections.

Note: The steps may be different for the type of LDAP in use. Please refer to the LDAP server documentation for specific steps.

To configure EEM 8.4 for SSL:

  1. Stop the iTechnologyiGateway4.5 service from Administrative Tools->Services
  2. Open the iPoz.conf file present under C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\iTechnology folder with a text editor
  3. Edit the variable <ExternalDirSSL>false</ExternalDirSSL> to <ExternalDirSSL>true</ExternalDirSSL>
  4. Edit the variable <ExternalDirCACertPath></ExternalDirCACertPath> with the path to the SSL certificate to be used See Fig 1
  5. Start iTechnologyiGateway4.5 service.

    Fig 1

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    Figure 1


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