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Errors TIRM149E and TIRM137E when using the Timestamp function in conjunction with an embedded function in CA Gen Action Diagrams.


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The Timestamp function operating on a embedded function in a single statement will fail with an error message:

TIRM149E: Error occurred in AllFusion(r) Gen supplied function: TIRFTSC
TIRM137E: Input date was not a valid date


When it is required to have a single action diagram statement where the Timestamp function operates on a embedded function e.g.

SET exp testws timestamp_att TO timestamp(FindReplaceString(exp text_att1 ,... ,...))

The embedded statement should be split into two separate statements as follows:

SET exp testws text_att2 TO (FindReplaceString(exp text_att1 ,... ,...)
SET exp testws timestamp_att to timestamp(exp testws text_att2)


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