Why is the BMC Parameter ICPRTF not recognized as a Global Parameter BY DBCOPY being invoked by DBA when run in CA Native Mode?


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After Global Parameter Processing begins the message IDI1105E UNDEFINED KEYWORD - "ICPREF" is produced.


ICPREF is not a DBA keyword so putting it in the DBA global parameters will not work.

The IDIPARM DDname in a conventional job step points to a PDS whose members are distributed in our PARMLIB. Those members are specific to the functions of DBCOPY and DBA. When a job step has a IDIPARM DDname that is an in-stream set of control cards. Each function reads and interprets the statements for its own execution. The keyword ICPREF applies to DBCOPY but DBA does not recognize it and an error is produced.

To use global parameters the recommendation would be to find the PARMLIB dataset distributed with the products and point to it with IDIPARM DD. Customize the members DBCCOPY and DBAANALZ with any desired global parameters.


Component: DBA