Error: Failed to load one or more cryptographic library.


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If you perform an upgrade or install on a non-default path CAPKI could have a space issue.


When you try to start Access Control (in the non-default file system) you will receive the following message:

Failed to initialize crypto module
Failed to load one or more cryptographic library

This could be due to CAPKI not being installed correctly. CAPKI checks the /opt file system for adequate space before it installs even if you are installing to a non-default location. To verify you are having this issue, you will need to check the CA Access Control install log. The log is called AccessControl_install.log and is located in the root Access Control folder.

You will see the following at the end of the AccessControl_install.log:

Installing CAPKI.
Failed install CAPKI.

There will also be a log called capki_install.log and it will contain the following:

Insufficient Disk space
Install unsuccessful, return value is 3

If these logs are there with these error codes, this is due to not enough space in the /opt file system. You will need to increase the size of the /opt partition and then reinstall CA Access Control.


Release: ACP1L005900-12-Access Control Premium Edition-For UNIX Servers License