SNMPTD probe authenticating issue
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SNMPTD probe authenticating issue


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Having problems with SNMPTD probe authenticating 

We are not getting alerts or notification for major incident, on a VERITAS NetBackup tape drive that the SNMPTD probe is monitoring 


UIM version - Any supported UIM version 

snmptd probe version - 3.24 or higher 

OS: snmptd probe is installed on - Linux CentOS


Rejected! Community not in list " " ( This is where the problem looks to be.) 

\par Jan 31 15:11:58:279 [140356369315584] snmptd: Rejected! Community not in list 


1. Double-check the correct community string spelling.

This is in the probe settings under security manager > Community tab. Please note that this is case sensitive as well. 

2. Add a "*" in the community string

3. After the above was performed, the snmptd probe started to authenticate.