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After running pdm_configure to complete installation of a patch, pass-through authentication stops working.


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After installing a Service Desk patch and running pdm_configure to complete the install, it is possible that pass-through authentication stops working, i.e. users are prompted for a username and password where in the past they were not.


Pdm_configure has been known to cause "Enable anonymous access" setting in IIS to be checked. Refer to KB document TEC407411. If you discover that after running pdm_configure, users are presented with a username/password prompt, you should examine IIS settings, in particular, follow these steps from TEC407411:

  • Start the IIS Manager, and expand the web sites leaf until you get to the CAisd virtual directory.

  • Right-click on this and select "Properties".

  • Click on the "Directory Security" tab and click on the edit button under "Authentication and access control" (see Figure 1).

  • De-select "Enable Anonymous Access" and select "Integrated Windows Authentication" (see Figure 1).

    Figure 1:

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

  • Click "OK", "OK".

  • Stop and restart the Web Site.

  • If you now run the Web Client, it should log you straight in to Service Desk.


Component: ARGIS


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