How do you deal with: ESP1143E APPLBUF TOO SMALL, in CA ESP Workload Automation?


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CA Workload Automation ESP Edition



Is there a more precise way to determine the proper value? Is there a display you can use to determine APPLBUF usage?


The APPLBUF size can be from 16376 to 8388600. As a rough estimate, there are approximately 512 bytes per job.

The default APPLBUF sizes for a given slotsize are:

    4k slots=1048568           
    8k slots=2093048       
    12k slots=3137528       
    16k slots=4182008  

Applications bigger that 4 megs require a slot size of at least 8k. If you are using CA ESP Encore Workload Automation, the APPLBUF must not be less than 1044480 bytes. You may be able to get the APPLBUF usage by doing a LAP DUMP on the Appl.

For example: LAP APPL1.0 DUMP produces...

    ATR +0 36ACAB4C 000FFFF8 000004B0 00000000 *.......8........*           
    +10 00000000 000004B0 C6D9C801 00014600 *........FRH.....*       
    The APPLBUF shows 000FFFF8 (1048568). The size of this Appl is 000004B0       
    (1200 bytes). This is the SECOND '4B0' on line "+10".  


Component: ESPWA